5 Ways to Improve Conversation Rates with Video

Video is an amazing tool for advertising, marketing, educating consumers, and so much more. But video is only successful when you do it correctly! If your goal is to improve your conversion rate and increase sales, then video can be a great way to do that!

So if you’ve been wondering, “does video increase conversion rate?”, then we can say “yes, when done correctly.” How do you create successful videos that will increase your conversion? Read on to find out the ways that video increases conversion rates and how you can use video for your own marketing, advertising, or on your site.

1. Hook Viewers Immediately

If you’re looking to use video to increase your conversion rate, then the first step is to create a video that captures your audience’s attention. Hooking viewers within the first few seconds is essential if you want your video to have any sort of impact. If your video isn’t grabbing (and holding) viewers’ attention, then it is very unlikely that it will positively affect your conversion rate.

If you’ve added a video to your website and you’re not seeing any improvement in your conversion rate, it may be time to move into video optimization mode. First, take a look at how many users are actually pressing play on your video. If the number is low (this percentage can vary greatly depending on your industry, the type of video, where the video is placed, etc.), it may not be the video itself but rather where the video lives on the page, the messaging next to/above it, or the video thumbnail. 

If you’re seeing that users are clicking play on your video and then not watching all the way through, that’s where this tip comes in handy! You need to hook their attention. You need to make sure that the information you’re sharing within the first few seconds is interesting to the viewer and entices them to keep watching. It’s possible you need to adjust those first few seconds to ensure that you grab their attention if you’re looking to see an impact on your conversion rate.

2. Include a Call to Action in the Middle and at the End

One of the best ways that video increases conversion rates is by including a call to action in your video. The specific call to action and the placement in the video is what is going to really affect your conversion rate, though.

Make sure you’re very clear with the action you want the user to take. Is it adding the product to cart? Is it filling out a form? Whatever action it may be, it just needs to be explicitly clear to the user (in voiceover, in text, or both). Additionally, where you bring up the call to action is important. If possible, mention the next steps for the user within the beginning to middle of the video and then at the very end. That way, you can share these next steps with viewers who drop off before the end of the video as well as with those that watch the whole thing.

3. Match Video Ad Messaging with Landing Page Messaging

Video ads can be super successful on social media platforms when done correctly. One thing that companies often overlook is making sure that the messaging within the video is consistent with the messaging on the landing page that the video goes to.

For example, have you ever seen an ad that talks about one product and then you click on it, it goes to a completely different product? This simple mistake will tank your video conversion rate. So if you’re using video within your paid social advertising, be sure to double-check that the messaging within your video matches the messaging on the landing page. This is especially important with promos as well.

4. Add Lead Capture Form in Your Videos

One way to directly impact your video conversion rate is to capture leads directly from your videos. Turnstile is a product from Wistia that allows you to place a lead capture form within your video, and then the user will need to input their information in order to proceed with the video.

In order to do this successfully, you’ll need to ensure that the information prior to the lead capture form is compelling enough for the user to want to input their information. So if it’s a product explainer video, for example, this type of form might not be all that useful. However, if it’s a teaser video for a product that hasn’t come out yet and viewers may want more info on the upcoming launch, then this lead form within the video could be super useful!

5. Optimize Video Placement and Auto-play

Another thing to consider when it comes to video optimization is which page your video lives on your website as well as where on the page the video is located. Are users scrolling far enough down on your page to even see the video? Is the video relevant to the information on that page or would it be better suited on another page?

You should also consider auto-play and whether that makes sense for the video content, the placement, and your audience. Typically, it is best practice to not auto-play a video on your website, but there are cases where it makes sense. If possible, try testing out auto-play vs. requiring the user to initiate the video play, and then see how this affects your conversion rate.

Now that you know all the ways that video can impact conversion rate and how you can improve your conversion rate through video, it’s time to get started! If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate with video and need help with video creation, that’s where we come in. Our team of experts can take you through the entire process to help create a video to achieve your conversion goals. Give us a call today at 831-824-9660 or message us here.

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