10 Tips for Creating Strong Social Media Videos

Whether you’re looking to create videos for TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media platform, there are certain things you should keep in mind when creating your content. In fact, we see it far too often that businesses invest in creating videos that end up not being successful. The reason why? They’re not following these tips!

So, before you start creating video content for social media, read on to find out all the things you should consider before you begin production. That way, you can be sure that your social media videos are worth the investment!

  1. Know Your Audience

First things first, before you create videos for social media, be sure you know which audience you’re creating them for. Do you want to attract new customers? Are you looking to engage with your existing followers? Do you want previous customers to become repeat customers? Whatever audience you’re looking to cater to, just know that the content of the video should be different depending on your audience.

  1. Short And Sweet

Another major consideration when creating social media content is how long a social media video should be. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer because optimal video length is going to be dependent on the platform as well as the content of your video. If your video content requires a little bit more time to explain your message, then don’t cut your video short just to be within a certain timeframe. With that being said, shorter videos tend to do better, so if you can keep your video under 30 seconds, then that is more ideal.

  1. Grab Their Attention

In addition to the length of the video, another important factor to consider is how you will grab the attention of the viewer. What will you say or show that will not only grab the user’s attention but also convince them to continue watching? This is essential to the success of your video because if you do not grab their attention within the first few seconds, the viewer is much more likely to skip the video or continue scrolling. When making video content for social media, this is one of the most important parts of your video, so be very thoughtful with your first few seconds.

  1. Accessibility Matters

This tip is beneficial for a variety of reasons. The first is that accessibility is extremely important. Users who have visual or hearing impairments also need to process your video content, so make it easier by including subtitles and a description of what is shown within your video. Another reason why this is helpful is that videos are often muted by default or by user’s request. If you include subtitles, users will still be able to see your message even if their sound isn’t on.

  1. Check the Music

In addition to your subjects speaking or any voiceover that you add, you may also include some music in your social media videos. Be sure that you are licensed to use the music that you choose. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a legal situation if you use unauthorized music when creating video content for social media.

  1. Consider the Channel

When you’re making video content for social media, it is extremely important that you tailor your content to the platform you’ll be posting on. There are optimal dimensions that you should use for different channels. For example, your ad on Instagram is going to be a different size/shape than your ad on Youtube.

  1. Include a CTA

A CTA (or call to action) is an essential part of every social media video, whether it’s a reel, a story, an ad, etc. The CTA is the action you want the user to take after watching your video. Do you want them to go to your website? Should they click the link in bio? Do you want them to follow your account? Whatever action you want the viewer to take, be sure it is explicitly clear to them.

  1. How You Film Matters

As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so does that mean a video is worth a million? Either way, it’s important to note that your social media videos are a reflection of your brand. So as you create videos for social media, be sure to film using high-quality equipment and lighting. A grainy video that’s difficult to see is not going to get great engagement. Additionally, viewers may think less of your brand if they think your videos are low quality. If you invest in high-quality video production, you are much more likely to see better results.

  1. User Generated Content

There are times when it’s ok to forgo high-quality equipment if it means that you get more authentic content. Specifically, when you utilize user-generated content. If one of your satisfied customers has filmed a fantastic testimonial on their iPhone, it can be extremely persuasive even if it’s not the best quality. Users are often more likely to trust their peers rather than trust what the brand says about its own product.

  1. Use Your Data

Last but certainly not least, be sure to review your data. When you’re able to see what is performing well and what isn’t necessarily resonating with your users, you can invest more effectively in content that you can be sure will perform. This is essential to creating a successful social media video strategy. Your data is key – make sure you use it!

Now that you know how to make social media videos and the key things to consider, you can feel confident in moving forward with your video production. Just keep in mind the tips above, and you’ll be sure to create successful social media videos that accomplish your goals. If you’re in need of some help with video production, give us a call at 831-824-9660 today!

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