Why Animated Social Media Posts Are So Effective

Social media is becoming an integral part of many businesses’ marketing plans. But with more and more businesses getting on social media, consumers are being inundated with more and more content. So how do you make sure your business’s social media posts stand out? Enter social media animation!

Using animated social media posts can be a great way to engage with your audience while also helping to accomplish your business goals. why are animated GIFs useful on social media? Not only do they capture users’ attention, but they also help you to convey complex topics in a much simpler way. Basically, they help your brand to stand out and get more engagement from consumers! Let’s find out why you should be incorporating animation into your social media strategy.

Capture Users’ Attention

Consumers spend hours on social media, scrolling through endless amounts of content. Picture after picture, video after video, it’s easy for your content to get lost. So it’s important to make your content stand out. Animated social media posts help to capture users’ attention for the simple fact that they are very different from the rest of the content.

Whether you do full animation or text animation on top of a video, those video graphics are going to draw the user’s eye. And not only that, animated content is known to really hold the user’s attention. not only are you going to get the user to stop scrolling, but you’ll keep them engaged.

Convey Complex Concepts

If you’re wondering how to create animated social media posts and what to include in them, then consider if there are any complex topics you would like to cover. One of the benefits of animation is that you can create anything.

Additionally, animation can be a great way to explain a concept through visuals that may be difficult to explain in words. Because, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Stand Out Against Competitors

How do you get users to remember your brand amongst the sea of other brands on social media? You need content that stands out! And how do you create content that stands out? By doing something different. Social media animation will set you apart. It’s memorable, it will catch the user’s eye, and it will keep them engaging with your brand long after your video is over.

Works in (Nearly) All Industries

There are great animated social media posts examples from nearly every industry. Note that we said “nearly” every industry. There are certain companies and products where an animated video may not resonate with their target audience or align with their messaging. However, the majority of brands use animation in their social media and see incredible results.

Have Some Fun!

Animation doesn’t have to mean the content is childish, but it does tend to add a little bit of fun! You can certainly create animated social media posts that are totally professional and still add a bit of flare. That’s the best part about animation, it’s fun and eye-catching!

If you’re interested in getting started on producing animated content for your social media, then we’re the team for you! Give us a call at 831-824-9660 or shoot us a message, and we can help create effective animated videos for your brand

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