Seven Hyundai High

Why stack seven fully functioning vehicles on top of one another? Hyundai wanted to prove their cars don’t crumble under pressure. No, this stack is not CG or special effects. These are real vehicles driven onto the lot and stacked on top of each other. Join the Impact team in a freezing abandoned generating plant in Toronto to shoot this unreasonably absurd national commercial.


  • The commercial was a joint effort by Hyundai of Canada, Kubik, Innocean, and Impact Creative with a total team exceeding more than 100 people.
  • When Kubik originally tested the concept prior to filming, they only stacked one vehicle and then use steel sheets to simulate 30,000 pounds.
  • The are actual driveable vehicles with engines, interiors, and fluids.  These cars drove to the production site, were stacked, unstacked, and then driven away.
  • The Hearn Generating station, originally fired by coal and later converted to burn oil, is a whopping 23 million cubic feet of space and has been unoccupied for 25 years.
  • The Kubik team spent approximately 90 minutes to stack, level, and set each vehicle for a total stacking process almost 11 hours.
  • The stack of vehicles (7 sedans on top of a steel frame) weighed 29,000 pounds with a total tower height of 37 feet.

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