Seagate SSHD

Real Veterans, Unreal Punchline.

Seagate launched an all new “Hybrid” drive for video gamers who demand faster loading times. To capture the attention of this niche international audience, IMPACT stormed the dark and mysterious basement of a Los Angeles production studio with a cast of real veterans, tactical specialists, and a twist at the end.


• Impact decided to cast US military veterans for this commercial.

• We hired a military consultant to oversee the cast’s movement throughout the basement to ensure tactical authenticity.

• We filmed in the basement of a multi-story industrial location called Willow Studios in Los Angeles.

• For the scene where the door drops down (:18), we used waaaay too much “fuller’s earth” (i.e. prop dust) which resulted in a temporary halt of production for the dust to settle.

• The final shot (:41) was not scripted or in the original storyboards. We observed the actor’s performance during the wide shot and added this shot at the end.

• The flashing door “blasting caps” (:14) were decorations from a party supply store.

Behind The Scenes – SSHD

What happens when 40 crew members get stuck inside a video game? Check out this behind the scenes recap to find out.

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