Habitat Soundscape

Welcome to the next evolution of office design: intelligent nature soundscapes for a multi-sensory experience. Impact partnered with the Habitat Soundscaping team to distill this complex story into a lighthearted narrative, peppered full of easter eggs, cloned actors and nuanced humor.


  • The miniature office in the intro scene was hand fabricated by Production Designer, Zoe Kim. The box was mounted on pole that we later comped out in post.
  • The lead actor was duplicated 13 times throughout the video in order to portray multiple roles simultaneously. This effect was achieved by filming with a robotic arm to precisely repeat the camera moves.
  • The library scene (:35) was filmed at UC Santa Cruz’s McHenry Library during Spring break.
  • The production was a total of five days of filming across more than a dozen scenes.
  • The Niagara Falls scene (1:28) was the first ever production at our newly built Santa Cruz studio location.
  • The tight wraparound head shot (1:35) was achieved with a speed ramped robotic arm movement with the camera only inches from the actor’s face.
  • For the final river shot, the entire crew was wearing large yellow rubber boots, and unfortunately about 1 in 3 books leaked — so it quickly became Russian “boot” roulette.
  • We built a platform bridge so we could mount the robotic arm and cameras in the center of the water flow.

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