LaCie Rugged RAID

LaCie’s weather resistant “Rugged” hard drive targets video production professionals (like Impact Creative!) who film in the tough elements. Originally scripted as a mountain biking commercial, our concept shifted to backcountry skiing to take advantage of a snow storm that recently covered Lake Tahoe.

  • The limited budget only covered two professional backcountry skiers, so the rest of the cast consisted of Impact staff: Dave Sieburg, Philip Lima, and Dan Melton.
  • We snowshoed a total of six miles in deep powder while carrying all of our production gear for the various scenes.  Nobody on the Impact team had ever snowshoed prior.
  • The first half of the commercial was filmed on Jake’s Peak and the second half (beginning at :36) was on Steven’s Peak, not more than 100 yards from a vista parking lot!



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