Vice News 82nd Airborne

Jump with the 82nd Airborne in VR.

Impact and Vice were given unprecedented access to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This one of a kind VR experience took us up in a C-17 during a parachute training operation. Get an exclusive look inside the plane as the jumpers prepare to take the leap.


  • More than 700 paratroopers participated in the training.
  • The video racked up a whopping 5M+ views in just 5-days and is still the most viewed Vice VR piece on Facebook.
  • Impact’s Director of Photography, Philip Lima, can be seen in fatigues holding the monopod with the VR camera (1:28 + 1:57)
  • Paratroopers have no control over the direction of their parachute once deployed and are completely at the mercy of wind drifts.

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