Demo Video Production

Whether you’ve got a complex product or unique features that need further explanation, a demo video is a great way to show how your product or software can be used. It also allows you to go over your product or software’s unique benefits in a more in-depth manner.

While listing out your product details on your website is important, it can often get overlooked by potential customers. So what’s the best way to make sure potential customers learn about your product and what sets it apart? A high-quality and well-thought-out demo video! You can use a product demo video to detail the many benefits of your product software, show a product tutorial, and explain complex concepts or instructions.

Whatever your product or service, we can help you through the product demo video production process to create the perfect demo video to tell your product’s story. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, that’s what we’re here for! Give us a call at 831-824-9660, or send us a message to get started.

Software Demo Video Production Best Practices

When it comes to software demos, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration that are a little bit different than your typical product demo video production.

  1. Features and benefits – your demo video should cover all the features of your software, but don’t forget to also include the benefits of using your software. Your video should not only let potential customers know how to use your product but also what problem it solves for them. Convince them that they need your software, or at least pique their interest.
  2. Tailor to your audience – make sure that the language you use and the problems you’re addressing are specifically related to your target audience. Try not to use any words or phrases that are specific to your business that your audience may not understand. Or if you do, be sure to give a short definition if needed.
  3. Be succinct – you certainly want to cover all of the important features of your software, but you also don’t want to bore potential customers in the process. Detail the key benefits while still being succinct. If you’re too long-winded, people might stop the video early or even leave your site completely.
  4. Call to action – by the end of your software demo video, the potential customer should know exactly what to do next. Do they know where to sign up? Is there a meeting or live demo request form? Can they do a free trial first? This next step should be explicitly clear.

By following these best practices, you can feel confident that your potential customers are not only going to find value in your software demo video but they’re going to want to take the next step to get your software.

If you’re ready to take the next step in the software demo video production process, we’re here to help you through every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

Product Demo Video Service Cost and Timeline

The time it takes to produce a product demo video and the cost of that video is going to depend on a variety of factors. The first is the format of that video. Will the video involve live action? Will motion graphics and/or animation be needed?

Another factor that will determine the cost and timeline of your demo video production is how long you need the video to be. If you’re able to cover your product features and benefits in 90 seconds or less, then your video will likely cost less than a 5-6 minute video. Be sure you’re not sacrificing content for the sake of budget, but it’s also important to be realistic with what you can accomplish with your budget.

If you’re looking for a demo video that’s going to take your business to the next level, then we’re the demo video production company in Santa Cruz (serving all of the Bay Area) for you! Our team of experts can help you to tell the story of your product and convince potential customers that it is the product for them. Shoot us a message below or give us a call today to get started!